Changes at the Zoo as of 3 December - for visitors' attention


To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Riga Zoo has introduced the following changes:

■ Riga Zoo is open to the public, but all indoor exhibits are closed.
■ Riga Zoo has the following admission fees: EUR 5.00 for adults and EUR 3.00 for children, students and senior citizens.

Affiliate Cīruļi continues to work as normal.

The biggest zebra species to inhabit the Zoo's African Savannah exhibit


Two Grévy's Zebras (Equus grevyi) have been present at the Zoo's exhibit of African Savannah already for more than a month. Since our Zoo's priority is to work with threatened species, the specimens of the more common zebra species kept in our Zoo previously, Chapman's Zebras, were sent to Ukraine. Two female Grevy's Zebras, Greta and Inaya, arrived from zoos in Germany and France.

Blue Sheep, a new species to the Zoo


At the end of 2020, Riga Zoo is welcoming another new species. Three female Blue Sheep, or Bharals (Pseudois nayaur) just arrived from Tallinn Zoo. They are exhibited at the Zoo's Goat Hill.

The 15th pumpkin contest final at the Zoo


On 23 October the final of the 15th Annual Pumpkin Championship of Latvia, organized by Maxima retail chain, took place at the Zoo, with the help of Dainis Zāģeris and Didzis Zariņš, Latvia’s strongmen.

Zoozīļuks 2020 campaign concluded


Riga Zoo's Zoozīļuks 2020 campaign took place on 24 September–11 October. That was a call to schools of Latvia to help collecting acorns for Zoo animals. During the campaign, the Zoo received 21 580 kilograms of acorns, collected by more than 11 thousands of children from various schools and  kindergartens of Latvia. Zoozīļuks says an enormous thanks to all participants. Now the campaign is concluded and it is the time to announce the winners.

Roosters secure the victory in Animal Days at the Zoo


On 10 and 11 October, the annual Animal Days were organized at the Zoo, to honor Riga Zoo's 108th Anniversary. 454 visitors with animal names in their surnames and names were recorded, including names in various languages and grammatical forms.

Animal Days at the Zoo on 10–11 October


On 10 and 11 October, the Animal Days will take place at the Zoo, to honor Riga Zoo's 108th Anniversary. During this event, people whose name or surname contains a name of an animal will be especially welcome to the Zoo. The event will take place both at the Riga Zoo and the Affiliate Cīruļi.

New arrivals at the Zoo


Just a week ago several new animals arrived to Riga Zoo. The new arrivals are Amur Tigers, Grévy's Zebras and Small-eared Galagos.

A call to schools to help to supply acorns for the Zoo


Riga Zoo announces Zoozīļuks 2020 campaign with a call to schools of Latvia to help collecting acorns for Zoo animals. The winners of the contest will get a free entrance and a free guided excursion around the Zoo.

Geladas explore their new outdoor exhibit


At last Geladas have plucked up their courage to leave their indoors facility and take their first steps into the new outdoor exhibit ‒ the African Savannah's Monkey Island. Now they explore their new territory eagerly.

Snowy Owl chicks in Riga Zoo


This June, Riga Zoo's Snowy Owls hatched five chicks. All  five are seen in their exhibit, together with their proud parents. In fact, this is the first successful breeding of Snowy Owls in Riga Zoo.

Forest Reindeer have a calf, Pygmy Marmosets got twins, and birds incubate their eggs


The spring season is in bloom in Riga Zoo. We already told you about new babies at the Zoo. Now they are joined by many more.

On 19 May both Riga Zoo and Affiliate Cīruļi reopen to the public again


Starting from Tuesday, 19 May, visitors are welcome both to Riga Zoo and Affiliate Cīruļi.

At Riga Zoo, the Zoo's entire outdoor area and a part of indoor exhibits will be open to visitors. Open indoor exhibits will include Tropical House, Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Exhibit hall, exhibit of Lemurs and Galápagos Tortoises and second floor of the Giraffe House.

At Affiliate Cīruļi, all exhibits will be open to the public.

Even behind closed gates, the Zoo's life continues


While Riga Zoo is closed to the public, the Zoo's life itself continues almost as usual. The Zoo's employees take care for animals as always, and Zoo animal lives follow their usual flow.

Starting from 14 March 2020, Riga Zoo and Affiliate Cīruļi are closed to the public indefinitely


On 13 March, considering the state of emergency declared in Latvia to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Board of SIA Rīgas Nacionālais zooloģiskais dārzs has decided to close both Riga Zoo and its Affiliate Cīruļi to the public starting from 14 March 2020 till further notice.

Riga Zoo employees will carry on with their duties.

Nile Softshell Turtle, a new species at the Zoo's Tropical House


Nile Softshell Turtle is a new species to the Zoo's animal collection. A pair arrived from Bioparc Fuengirola in December. Now the species is seen to the public at the Zoo's Tropical House. You'll see them at the pool they share with Dwarf Crocodiles and fish, Tambaquis and Redtail Catfish.

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